Vintage merchandise for your modern life.Free shipping on all items.Portion of every sale donated to charity.
Vintage merchandise for your modern life.Free shipping on all items.Portion of every sale donated to charity.

Charity Spotlight: Waivunia

Charity Spotlight: Waivunia
September 14, 2018 Pat Pierce
In Charity Spotlight

Pop-Up Charity Spotlight: Waivunia

Waivunia, The Island Development Initiative, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on helping make rural island communities better and happier. With the help of their tireless staff and dedicated beneficiaries, they organize fundraisers, community-building events, village visits, and training sessions for villagers and their volunteers. They focus on livelihood projects to increase income-generating capacity of islanders. They seek to catalyze donor investment in sustainable ventures that have tremendous social impact in island communities.

For Waivunia’s latest project, the Fijian village of Waivunia (which means ‘hidden waters’ in English and is also the charity’s namesake) needs $6,700 to complete their village community center that will provide a venue for the nurse’s medical dispensary, early child education, disaster evacuation, and to hold training sessions. Villagers have raised over $50,000 on their own and contributed over $13,000 in labor and local materials. This center will be the only cement block structure in the village and will benefit all village residents and visitors.


The village development committee wishes to complete this building before the end of 2018 and before the cyclone season!

We are excited to have Waivunia as an option for our customers to give back to and we hope we can help them raise the money for their latest community center/cyclone shelter project! Simply select them at the charity dropdown menu upon checking out with your items and a portion of your sale will go to support the charity. 

Follow Waivunia on their website and GoFundMe page for the latest updates. And please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on the latest charity spotlights, who we’re trying to support, and the good we’re helping contribute to.

Interested in this pop-up charity or have ideas for future charities we should feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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