Vintage merchandise for your modern life.Free shipping on all items! Portion of every sale donated to charity.
Vintage merchandise for your modern life.Free shipping on all items! Portion of every sale donated to charity.

Friday Favorites 7.27.18

Friday Favorites 7.27.18
July 26, 2018 Pat Pierce
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Happy Friday friends! Here’s a list of things we’re currently loving!


  • Favorite Woman: Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle
    • Not sure who Hellen Ruth Elam Van Winkle is? Maybe you know her better as Baddiewinkle. If you don’t know about her, check out her Instagram here. She’s an internet personality but didn’t become popular until she was in her 80s. To say she’s a “hoot” is putting it lightly. She’s extreme and wild and doesn’t give a rip. She just celebrated her 90th birthday and she’s still got it going on! Reminds us that you’re never too old to go after what you want and gives us hope we’ve still got plenty of time to become insanely famous!
  • Favorite Social Movement: #BumpDay
    • We certainly don’t have a shortage of hashtag holidays or social media movements and all of these can be hard to keep up with but we got word of #BumpDay on July 25th and we were glad we did. #BumpDay is put on by What to Expect and International Medical Corps and for every baby bump picture with their hashtag $1 is donated towards maternal healthcare worldwide. If you missed it you can still donate at their website here. While we love #nationalsungalssday or #nationalswimmingday, we also like to support social movements that are truly trying to create change, after all, we’re all about giving back.
  • Favorite Food: Watermelon
    • ‘Tis the season! We can’t get enough of this delicious fruit! More seedless slices please!
  • Favorite Beauty Item: Natural Bug Repellent
    • Whether you want to try making your own using one of these essential oil recipes or skip the DIY and buy one here, we highly recommend giving the natural bug spray route a try! You won’t be putting nasty toxins on your body (plus you’ll smell great) and you’ll still keep the pesky bugs away!

What are some of your current favorite things? Let us know by using the comments below!

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